30 September 2010

by myself - by Linkin Park -

What do I do to ignore them behind me?
Do I follow my instincts blindly?
Do I hide my pride from these bad dreams
And give in to sad thoughts that are maddening?
Do I sit here and try to stand it?
Or do I try to catch them red-handed?
Do I trust some and get fooled by phoniness,
Or do I trust nobody and live in loneliness?
Because I can't hold on when I'm stretched so thin
I make the right moves but I'm lost within
I put on my daily faade but then
I just end up getting hurt again
By myself (Myself)

Pre chorus:
I ask why, but in my mind
I find I can't rely on myself

I cant look around
(its to much to take in)
I cant hold back
(when im stretched so thin)
I cant slow down
(watching everything spin)
I cant look back
(starting over again)

If I turn my back I'm defenseless
And to go blindly seems senseless
If I hide my pride and let it all go on
Then they'll take from me 'till everything is gone
If I let them go I'll be outdone
But if I try to catch them I'll be outrun
If I'm killed by the questions like a cancer
Then I'll be buried in the silence of the answer
(By myself)

Pre chorus
Dont You(x30)

Don't you know
I can't tell you how to make it go!
No matter what I do, how hard I try!
I can't seem to convince myself why!
I'm stuck on the outside.(x5)


Ini juga salah satu lagu Linkin Park yang dulu pernah jadi "aku banget" bagiku. hehehe..... Senang aja mengenang masa-masa itu...,

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